Wednesday October 11, 2006, 7.15pm
23 Meyers Place


A Deep Personal Love   2006   3 min

Dir: Warwick Holt
Contemporary political satire.

Caffeine   1995  8min

Dir: Paul Dowie
What happens when a person consciously decides he no longer wants to sleep!

Babushka    2006  6min

Dir: Frank Candiloro
A stop-motion animation which involves five Babushka dolls and crosses three generations of parenthood.

Alone   2005  11min

Dir: Darren Maxwell
Mannix Foster is taking his new car for a drive but, the car suddenly stops running on a desolate country highway.

META4  2005   2min

Dir: Katrina Mathers
An experimental conceptional argument that’s all 4 … four … for … fore …

Men in Boxes    2005   10min

Dir: Owen Elliot
A film that prompts people to think about family violence and men’s responsibilities, and just as importantly, to talk about it.

Firelight    2005   6min
Dir: Matthew Clayfield

An essay film about images, the people who make them, the people who collect them, and their potential uses and limitations in a world that’s been inundated with them.

The Horseman   2006   16 min
Dir: Steven Kastrissios

Walter had an easy afternoon ahead, until … a council exterminator came knocking.

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Hope   2005  5min
Dir: Sean Rodrigo

A hopeful short film that provides a social comment of peace and equality.

The Space Between  2006  4 min
Dir: Chris King

Our figural assembly of sensory stimuli is both a sinuous dance and a pathetic catch-up stumble.

Coming Out at Work is Hard to Do 2004   4 min
Dir: Kylie Eddy

A closeted career gal doesn’t think anyone will spot her amid the sequins and sweat of Mardi Gras. A story about letting your true colour s show.

Nocturnal Submissions   2006  6 min
Dir: Bill Mousoulis

Three characters submit to  the night.  A sneak preview of Mousoulis’ upcoming vampire feature A Nocturne.

The Angry Penguin  2004   10 min
Dir: Tom Vogel

A childless couple find an abandoned penguin in an alleyway and decide to adopt him. They are about to discover all is not as it seems.

Sick to the Vitals   2006   20 min
Dir: Kim Miles

An evening in the life of an ex-Idol on a downward spiral.

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