Wednesday October 10, 2007, 7.30pm

23 Meyers Place



3 a. m   2007 3min

Dir:  Mark La Rosa
3 a.m  -   a dreaded time for troubled souls.

Lisa Fineberg in '3am'

Untitled    2006 6min

Dir: Kim Miles

Safe House   2006 4min

Dir: Andrew Merlino
Is it a safe house of is it hell…

The Stranger   2005 5min

Dir: Jody Miller

Filmed within normally chaotic Seoul subway system between night and day, ‘The Stranger’ is a story of loss and loneliness. Two commuters inhabit the same apace, unable to be together.

The Man Among the Trees  2007 10min

Dir: Josh Tanner
In the eerily dark shadows of a pine forest two feuding bush walkers discover an enigmatic figure over beside a tree.

Domestic Violence
    2007  7min

Dir:  Dean Ginsburg
This short drama explores the harsh reality of domestic violence.

Hollow Bones  2006  14min

Dir:  Rita Walsh
“ It’s just dead.  It can’t hurt you.”

Strange Fruit in India  2007

Dir:  Nicole Smith
A documentary on the tour of India by Strange Fruit.

Missive   2007  15min

Dir:  Daniel Bernardi
A sick elderly man, is visited by a hired hit man.  The old man has one final and unexpected request.

The New Life  2006  10min

Dir:  Daniel Giambruno
A supernatural tale about possession that posses the question: Could demons dream of a new life?

Spread the Grief Around  2007  13min

Dir:  The Holgate Brothers
This film explores the quiet desperation behind suburban relationships and exploits the thin veneer of respectability suburban characters hide behind.

Black Button  2006  7min

Dir:  Lucas Crandles
Mr Roberts finds himself awoken inexplicably in a white room.  A man sits before him at a desk and in between them stands a black button…