Wednesday October 7, 2009, 7.30pm

23 Meyers Place



Embrace  2009 6mins

Dir: Josh Tanner

In a life that seems so empty, a woman holds on the only way she can.

Shocking Stuart – We all Drive Porsches   2008 3min

Dir: Carol Sambucco

Real Estate agents Shocking Stuart have just the house for you! They are on the case with their two best employees.

Marysville  2009 6mins

Dir: Thomas Meadmore

A travel log film of Marysville,Victoria, depicting its beauty and community prior to the fires that destroyed it.

Blind Date   2009 9mins

Dir: Chris Ramos

One bar, one evening, you’re looking for love, nothing’s allowed to get in the way.

The Petrol Car Rider   2009 3mins

Dir: Simon O’Carrigan

This animation deals allegorically with themes of isolation, addiction and the inability to ever achieve satisfaction.

This City Speaks To Me  2009 4mins

Dir: Darius Devas

The city of Melbourne shown through its diverse culture, people and how it speaks to each of us through time and change.

Menarche 2009 4mins

Dir: Goran Tomic

Menarche portrays the experience of birth, death and disappearance.

Jodie  2009 8mins

Dir: Dean Ginsburg

The film is a window into a relationship in crisis. Jodie’s connection with her boyfriend is under strain as they navigate through an event that will change their lives forever.

Goldilocked  2008 8mins

Dir: Daniel Knight

Goldilocks has been a naughty girl! Everyone has a cross to bear…and hers is a cross bear!

Adjacent  2009 5mins

Dir: Sean McKay Dean

Adjacent is an experimental short film about a young man, who is caught up in the routine of daily life.

Sarah’s Jihad  2009 18mins

Dir: Zev Howley

Sarah a disenchanted 17 year old, strikes up an unlikely friendship with Aisha, a sheltered Muslim girl.

The Coast  2008 4mins

Dir: Marty O’Hare

‘The Coast’ investigates a fire in the store of a small coastal town. Tensions between the past and present play out as images ponder a setting once the site of innocence and simplicity. 

Murder on the Dance Floor  2009   5min

Dir: Christos Linou

There will be murder on the dance floor, with clay.

Dead Love Loaded    2009   4mins

Dir: Suzy Markovski

Love, its danger and how it’s dealt.