Tuesday October 4, 2011, 7.30pm

23 Meyers Place



Bookman  2011  Australia   10min

Dir:  Benjamin Bryan

A young girl who loves reading is bullied on a train. When her book is torn to shreds a stranger takes pity on her and gives her a book. It’s about a spy who works in a second-hand bookstore. As she continues to read the similarities between the Bookman and the stranger become too hard to ignore. Is the Bookman real?

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Suburbia  2010   Australia   15min

Dir: Antonio Orena-Barlin

Joel has convinced a long time family friend to give his girlfriend a job. Everything seems fine when he picks up his girlfriend after her first day, but the tranquil façade of suburbia can be misleading.

Into the Wild  2011   Australia  7min

Dir:  Bill Mousoulis

An Italian cinematographer (played by Alessandro Figurelli) finds himself in the midst of the Greek social turmoil. “I’m a Nowhere Man, in a Nowhere Land” ..

49 Stories About Brian MacKenzie  2011    Australia  7min

Dir: Beng Oh

My name is Brian MacKenzie.  I lived across the street from Greg Hardigan.

These are some stories he wrote about me.

Crumble  2010   Australia/USA   22min

Dir:  Renata Bialkowska

After losing her seemingly perfect husband Mike to sordid affairs and pornography,refined upper class trophy wife ‘Lorna’ is lured into the seedy New York underground scene through an unlikely relationship with a prostitute named Bianca. Crumble is one women’s journey to self discovery and eventually getting out of the box.

Haircut   2010   Germany   10min

Dir: Gillian Wood

After having a bad job interview, a young woman is unhappy with herself and goes to the hairdressers to change her hair. She has her long red hair cut off, but when she leaves the hairdressers she leaves with more than just a haircut.

Holiday to Remember  2011  Australia  13min

Dir: Zev Howley

Dean’s ideal romantic holiday turns upside down when he and his Japanese girlfriend encounter an elderly gentleman who has wandered off from a nearby nursing home.

Deliberation  2010   Australia  8min

Dir:  Josh Tanner

Tim’s comfortable world is endangered when Marie, his partner of six years betrays him, but how does one react when what they hold close is threatened?

Osteo  2009   Australia   3min

Dir:  Genevieve Gilbert-Quach

Through a surgery called maxillary osteotomie, a ‘girl that makes art’ presents a somehow eerie view of procedure.

Tuning In  2010   Australia   10min

Dir:  Tom Vogel

A feel good short about a mysterious radio that ends up in the hands of John Butcher who discovers that it has the ability to tune in to peoples conversations.

Key to Success   2011   Australia  7min

Dir:  Zac Gillam

A chance find, changes a mans life for ever…

Little Soldier 2011  Australia  11min

Dir: Luke Massey

In a warzone, a small boy is on the run. Dressed in army fatigues and shouldering a rifle, he is chased by a sniper intent on taking him out, despite his size.