Tuesday October 7, 2008, 7.30pm

23 Meyers Place



Signs of Life    2007  13mins

Dir: Ryan Howard

A mysterious man and woman live separate lives in a house that is not their own. Who are these people? Why are they there? And what will happen when they meet?

The Pink Box     2008 3mins

Dir: Matthew Pastor

An experimental narrative which captures the desire for sensuality and loss. It is part 1 in 5 short films focusing on relationships through the 5 senses. The pink box captures smell.

Bulb   2007 6mins

Dir: David Collins

Bulb, is a metaphoric exploration for quarter-life complacency.

A Game and a Half     2008 5min

Dir: Steven Robinson

Every  weekend  through  winter  people gather at the old Fitzroy football ground in Brunswick Street to play, watch and embrace the game of football.

Reality Check    2008  14mins

Dir: Darren Maxwell

Reality Check is comedy revolving around the problems we all experience when dealing with technology.  Unlike most films where technology is always fast and reliable, this film is aimed at bringing a more realistic view to it.

The Ungrateful Australian    2008  5mins

Dir: Thomas Meadmore

During a free trip to France to meet his father’s new fiancée, an ungrateful Australian gains perspective on his place within the universe while visiting a wonder of the world.

Sunset     2008  8mins

Dir: Jai Hogg

The situation is dire on the farm for the Rohan family.  Whilst the two brothers are ploughing the field, their tractor breaks down. All sources of livelihood come to a grinding halt.

Sibling    2008   10mins

Dir: Ivan Malekin

No love is as [im] pure as that shared between a brother and sister.

Builders of the South    2008   3mins

Dir: Mark Daley

Is an essay film exploring construction on the Gold Coast. Builders of the South considers the idea of construction as a means of progress and how it affects daily life.

The Watermelon Man     2006  8mins

Dir: Frank Barresi

Performance artist Frank Barresi runs around the streets of South Korea — near nude — smashing paper mache objects (filled with flour) over his head…Bursting into bars (disturbing live musical performances) and.. orgasming.

Mockingbird     2008  10mins

Dir: Scott Eathorne

A woman grieving the loss of a loved one meets a teenage boy from the internet. Mockingbird is a quiet study of loss, longing and finding the moment that tells us to move on.

Scan 7

Top Speed Of a Rabbit     2004  10mins

Dir: Kim Miles

A man and two women, drinks, drugs, dance and chess.