Wednesday October 10, 2012, 7.30pm

23 Meyers Place



Remake  2011  6min

Dir: Chris Tomkins

Two thieves on a ‘smash and grab’  mission get more than they’d bargained for when they stumble upon the stash of a lifetime.

Deep 2012  14min

Dir: Suzy Markovski

A black comedy about a misfortunate group of friends. When a celebration gets out of hand, a roller-coaster of events unfold and the group must decide what must be done.

Tough 2011  6min

Dir: Anna Snoekstra

A teenage boxer dreams of killing her sister. Kate hates Alex. This film follows Kate over a night and the following morning as she toys with the idea of murder.

Till Death Us Do Part 2012  7min

Dir: Christos Linou

The film is a kinetic interplay between dancer, text, and landscape, using the metaphor of the black dog, to suggest the master and servant in relationship to the dancer and the performance. The black dog is also a visual representation of depression and the lament of losing, acting as a spiritual journey of piety and chaos, residing in an aesthetic form of choreographic abstraction.

Broken Superman 2012  10min

Dir: Zev Howley

An ex army soldier, a pistol, and two sexy girls – a climax you wont easily forget.

Scan 6

The Thing my Father Never Taught Me 2012  7min

Dir:  Burleigh Smith

Melvin gives dating advice to his three-year-old son.

Confessional  2012  18min

Dir: Andrew Merlino

Mia always felt she was on the outside looking in, until the curiosity of a stranger opens up a bridge for her into the world of people.

Evie Wants A Baby 2012  10min

Dir: Jemma van Loenen

It’s Evie’s 40th birthday, where her boozy friends debate the politics of children. Evie wants a baby, her husband does not. A belly dancer and the Golden Goblet of Fertility, may provide the answer.

Lowlands 2012  5min

Dir: Mark Daley & Belinda Davis

A fire has burnt down the factory on Longlands street. Three young friends break in and explore the abandoned space.

lowlands - still image

There’s No Place 2012  7min

Dir: Chris Tomkins

Terry, a homeless Dr Who fanatic, spends his days reflecting on his mistakes, and dreaming of being reunited with his long-lost son.  Will the universe offer him a second chance?

Glare 2012  2min

Dir: Anna Snoekstra

Two women pull up to a petrol station during a long summer road trip. A still moment of escapism in a long hot day.