Tuesday October 5, 2010, 7.30pm

Wednesday October 6, 2010, 7.30pm


23 Meyers Place



Lucky    Aust  2009    3min

Dir: Darcy Prendergast

Lucky by All India Radio, is the viewable blood, sweat and tears of Australian based animation company ‘Dee Pee Studios’. It involves a painstaking animation technique, whereby the team paints in the air with glow sticks, frame after frame to create entire sequences of animation, usually taking a whole night to shoot.


Eternal   2010   Australia   8min

Dir: Ivan Maiekin  and  Heath  Noukovic

Three people’s lives suddenly become quite complicated, but will it ever end?

Karen Says  2010   Australia  10min

Dir:  Belinda Davis

Two friends take to the streets in a stolen shopping trolley looking for adventure.

Then She Was Gone   2010   Australia  7min

Dir:  Burleigh  Smith

Basil pursues Mia. But Mia is only interested in men who are masculine.

Winston  2008   Australia  6min

Dir:  Adrianna  Bernardo  and  Melissa Acker

Winston is a visual exploration of an individual searching for entrance back into their physical body.

Little Bird  2010   Australia   8min

Dir:  Jemma Van Loenen

After a night of thrills, grog and a stolen car, 16 year old Jesse is confronted with a life changing decision, following the arrest of his best mate Jamie. Jesse is torn between his girlfriend, Ellie, and her desire to protect him, and his loyalties towards Jamie. Should he let Jamie take the rap, or man up and take responsibility?

A.A.F.A.D  2009   Australia   8min

Dir:  Craig Tonkin

Gain an insight into the gut-wrenching, crippling condition that is cutting down middle-aged men in their prime.

Minnie Lover Junior 2010  Australia  13min

Dir:  Andy Mullins  and Matt Mullins

What does a girl have to do to get a boy’s attention?  Minnie, 10, lives in an aboriginal fishing village. Junior, 10, lives there too. Little does he realize Minnie’s unrequited love will soon save his life!

Identity Theft  2010   Australia  7min

Dir:  Stuart White

A Man is interrogated by a mysterious, masked stranger about his true identity. When the truth is finally revealed, things start to get a little hectic

A Short Film About Closure 2010   Australia   6min

Dir:  Goran Tomic

This Film is about the end and closure of Phantom actions from past experiences, the end of being alone and unwanted, it is the final nail in the coffin of Not being Recognised.

My Two Lives  2009   Australia   7min

Dir:  Linda Grasso

Angie’s life is divided in two.  She suffers from an identity crisis and its all because of her hair. Is Angie’s hair having all the fun? And if so, why, can’t she?

Grow Up Jeremy Blyth  2010   Australia  7min

Dir:  Zac Gillam

Ten years after his untimely death, thirty year-old man-child Jeremy Blyth receives a visitation from his mother.  She has been watching him form the spirit world and she’s not happy!

Nancy  2007   Australia  11min

Dir :  Zac Gillam

Following the tragic death of his daughter, Ewen leads south to confront his grief, and reconcile himself to her loss.

Home  2010   Australia  12min

Dir:  Cameron  MCCulloch

Tells the story of a lone surviving woman, stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the undead, trying to hold on to the last of her humanity. 

BE3BPEMNE  (Timeless)   2009  Bulgaria 16min

Dir: Bojidar Borisov

Experimental doc, on the changing face of Bulgaria.

Psychic Revelations   2010  Australia  15min

Dir: George Kastoun

A documentary on Hayley Jacobs a psychic medium who has given readings to thousands of people over the past 20 years.

He Loves My Pies  2009   Germany  4min

Dir Urs Heckmann

This is a little music video in brickfilm-style for our song He Loves My Pies. This was initially thought to be a demo tune for the new ACE synthesizer… 


Lilith  2007  Australia  5min

Dir: Jim Stamatakos

Presents the plight of an abused women, by loosely incorporating the myth of “Lilith” the first Eve.


Letters To Sally  2009  Australia  10min

Dir:  Matthew Jenkin

A man wakes on the side of a road in a city. In his hand is a red envelope addressed to Sally. His search for identity and self begins.

Monster  2010  Australia  5min

Dir:  Vonne Patiag

Henry is a 7 year old boy who is relentlessly physically and emotionally neglected by his parents. Twenty years later he commits a terrible crime and finds salvation in reliving the happiest memory from his childhood. A harrowing tale of blame and reason, this film examines how true monsters are formed and how the endless cycle of abuse continues.

Zombie Birds  2010  Australia  7min

Dir:  Vonne Patiag

When all the birds in the world disappear under mysterious circumstances, a lonely woman takes her aviary obsessed boyfriend on a picnic only to find that the birds are back, zombified, and looking for revenge.